Global economic growth is conservatively forecast to average 3.2% per annum between 2017 and 2030, with China, India expected to grow most quickly at growth rates of 8% and above. Kristi Corporation has already an established network of supply from small and medium mines in the USA. We deal with four types of coal as mentioned below.

  • Global energy demand in turn is projected to grow almost 60% by 2030 – to 16.5 billion tonnes of oil equivalent per year.
  • 2/3rd of increase in world primary energy demand between 2017 and 2030 to come from developing countries, predominantly developing Asian economies.
  • Coal currently fuels 41% of the world’s electricity and this proportion is expected to remain at similar levels over the next 15 years.
  • Consumption of steam coal is projected to grow by 1.5% per year over the period 2017- 2030.
  • The biggest market for coal is Asia, which currently accounts for 54% of global coal consumption.
  • Japan, Chinese Taipei and Korea, for example, import significant quantities of steam coal for electricity generation.
  • Major coal producers such as China and India to import large quantities of coal for quality and logistical reasons.